HD wheels are next to be screwd into the bottom of the 6X6inch legs. Finally the 3/4" sheer wall plywood is attached. Long 1/2" Carriage bolts hold the wood togehter. to the 6X6" posts. Note how wheel is attached to posts using 1/2" lag screws by way of wood plate (Along with pilot pre-drilling helps keep legs from splitting
Picture shows an unfinished top. A much more finished top was attached. (see picture below) The top surface under the racks is made of a 3/4 melamine (olive looking) covered MDF plywood gluded to a plain 3/4 MDF Plywood. The two pieces of plywood are glued together and banded with 1 1/2" chair rail which is stained black. The paint is rustoleum (yes I know its for metal, but its oil based and works quite well on wood!)
Note that the surface is finished in an olive melamine covered plywood. The base under that is 3/4" plain MDF material. The edge has a gluded 1 1/2 half round that is stained black.
Block Diagram showing how rack equipment is connected together

Table History:

The first table I had the heavy equipment racks on caved in and I decided (like the antenna) there is no substitute for TOO STRONG! 

If there is an earthquake I know where I want duck and cover!

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