Eventually Hygain R5 capacitors which are coaxial in nature short out due to weather corrosion. To give new life to the antenna all that is needed is to procure some brass tubing and copper rod of the right size. Heat shrink tube is added to the rod until the diameter of the shrink tube is close to the same as the outer tube. The amount of capacitance is given online for each of the capacitors. It is also possible to calculate how much capacitance is needed by estimating the inductance of the coils. From the inductance the capacitor which will resonate with the coil on each band can be determined.

Tuneup is performed from the lowest trap to the highest when the R5 is on the ground. These adjustments are somewhat interactive. Next place the antenna up vertically where you are going to use it and determine where the antenna resonates on each band. Normally the frequency will be high. Its necessary if you want a good match to adjust the capacitance of each trap until it resonates at the right frequency for each band, moving from the highest frequency to the lowest frequency.

I hope to find a picture of the coaxial capacitor  and add it to this description

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