To start the process I drew a plan view plot of my property showing the setbacks and where the tower was located with respect to the setbacks. When the beam is raised about 3′ of the tips of the 20-15-10 beam rotate over my neighbors property. Fortunately we are on good terms, before  I engaged into doing this project I talked it over with him to make sure he had no objections…and he didn’t. There is only about 6″ spacing between the back of the beam and the roof facia and 6″ to the neighbors hedge It would have been a better choice to center in the property in the middle of the back of the house but WAF (wife acceptance factor) prevailed…no can do.

I made a copy of a few pages of the structural analysis which showed what  type of foundation I needed for the max wind speed of 110mph, and  the types of materials (structural steel tube specification).

A stainless steel grounding rod was required electrically bonded to the tower for lightning protection.

The rebar and hole were the first inspection (Note: I had to redo the rebar cage because I did not wrap the rebar in a loop around the vertical pieces ….not shown in structural drawing…but commonly known to construction people and not me!)

The second inspection was after the concrete was poured and the tower was installed. At that point I had all the specifications of the steel tubes and the concrete strenght tests. The inspector didn’t look at any of the materials reports and I think was impressed with everything meeting code…so I got the permit signed off completely.

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